Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I live right on the coast, and it seems like it’s taken forever for summer to hit. I know it’s been hot just about everywhere lately, but at our house, we’ve had a marine layer and cool breezes keeping temperatures around a very pleasant 75 degrees. The sun has finally been breaking through the last few days though, so I thought I’d share this very summery DIY I did recently.

I found this adorable outdoor dining set at a local vintage shop and had to have it. I think I paid only $150 for the whole set!

Outdoor Patio Table Chairs DIY

The upholstery on the seats was not original. Someone else had gotten their DIY hands on it before me, and actually the fabric was pretty cute. It’s just that the colors weren’t really what I wanted, so I decided to go with this awesome Trina Turk fabric instead!

Trina Turk Fabric


This is probably a good time to introduce my executive assistant/ mascot, Jack. This is basically his contribution to all my projects: lay right in the middle of them. He’s the best.

Trina Turk Dog DIY Patio Outdoor Table Chairs


My husband, David provided more helpful assistance by holding everything taught while I stapled. Anyway, I guess this is less a DIY post and more of a before and after, since I don’t think anyone actually needs detailed instruction on measuring seats, ordering fabric and stapling said fabric to said seats. It was that simple!

Trina Turk DIY Patio Outdoor Table Chairs


Trina Turk DIY Outdoor Patio Table Chairs


Trina Turk DIY Outdoor Patio Table Chairs



3 Responses to Summertime patio set – DIY

  1. I love this fabric and Jack too he looks so regal upon his throne.

  2. Love to see thing reused, I used to do a lot of that too old now. :)

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