Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oh Joy Studio

I’m totally elated right now. This is due entirely to the fact that I recently finished the most fun design project ever. If you follow Emily Henderson’s blog or Oh Joy!, then you know about Joy’s awesome new studio space. It was a collaboration between Emily and Joy and the end result is so gorgeous. The part I’m pinching myself over is the fact that I got to work on this amazing project!

Let me back up momentarily. How, you might ask, did my involvement come to pass? Well, it started a few months ago when Emily ran a nightstand styling contest on her blog. To my delight, Emily chose my nightstand as the winner of the contest! As busy as she is, she not only ran this contest, culled through the hundreds of entries and wrote a huge post about it, but she also contacted me herself to congratulate me on winning and thank me for entering. Much respect to her. Here’s what my “winning” nightstand looked like.

nightstand-samantha gluck

Anyway, that was how we got to talking, I sent her my resume, interviewed and ultimately wound up helping with the design on Joy’s amazing studio space!!

I’ll admit, when I drove up to LA to meet Emily and Joy for the first time to discuss the project, I was totally nervous. I just have so much respect for these creative ladies and did NOT want disappoint them! Plus, they’re both so cool and LA, whereas I feel like McLovin most of the time.


That is to say, a huge dork hoping to pass for cool. I was relieved to find, however, that I had nothing to fear. Emily is just as hilarious and friendly as you would expect from reading her blog and so crazy talented/creative. And Joy is totally friendly, warm and hardworking (she has EARNED this amazing studio space for her expanding business!). And Ruby, well, she dresses cooler than I do.

There will be more posts coming up from Emily and Joy detailing the design process, sources, and how we DIY’d several areas of the space, so stay tuned for those. I’m so insanely jealous of this office space!

Oh Joy Studio2

Oh Joy Studio3
Above photos of studio designed/styled and Emily Henderson and me. Photographed by Zeke Ruelas.


6 Responses to Oh Joy! Studio space

  1. I thought your nightstand picture looked familiar when I was browsing your portfolio- I love it! And I’m excited to see what you and Emily come up with in the future. Your spaces look amazing and I can’t wait to see more.

  2. What an amazing story! I knew I had seen your nightstand photo before but couldn’t place it. I found your site after reading Emily’s post on Joy’s studio and I love your work and blog. Congrats to you!

  3. Such a great story and space! Congrats :)

  4. The couch!!! Oh my goodness I need a couch like that? Source?

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